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Pardon our dust!

The Sporting Trader is a small booking agency that send hunters to incredible hunting destinations on five continents. We hand select outfitters and professional hunters based upon their reputation, quality and above all integrity. We represent hunting programs that we have experienced personally and believe are a true value. As with all hunting, nothing is a guaranteed sure thing. Pursuing game in the field is dependent upon Mother Nature, local political climate, laws, customs, culture and above all luck. The goal in selecting a hunt adventure is defining expectations. What we do guarantee is that the hunter can expect satisfaction knowing that there is research, experience, knowledge and service behind every safari. We will always make it right.

As a hunting booking agent, we are paid a commission from the outfitter. We typically do not raise a price nor add a profit. We represent the same pricing as the outfitter. Sometimes even less depending on the situation. When booking with an agent you are assured that your contract was made with people who's only asset is our reputation.

Being in the sporting travel business means that not all information will be 100% up to date and current. There are always new opportunities and the hunting market is always in a constant state of change. As much as we will try to keep our information up to date, we can not always guarantee the accuracy of this website. Please feel free to contact us for the most up to date news to help plan your next sporting adventure.

Who are we?

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Ted Shogren, 
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ted Shogren,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ted has been booking hunting trips since 2000 while traveling the world and is always on the look out for the next interesting place to hunt and vacation. He has studied Wildlife Management and has degrees in International Relations and Nordic Area Studies. He has lived and studied abroad for several years in Sweden and Norway and speaks both languages fluently. Ted serves on a local conservation board in his home state and is also a life member of Safari Club International. He also loves duck and deer hunting at his favorite farm in south western Minnesota in the fall.

Paul Aarsvold
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Paul Aarsvold is the newest member of the Sporting Trader team in charge of company operations and logistics. He is a graduate of Luther College in the fields of Business Management, Sociology and Information Technology and comes from a diversified business and I.T. background. Paul is an avid hunter and a certified Minnesota Firearms Safety instructor. In his free time he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his teenage kids at the archery or gun range.
Lesley Fischer,  Big Lake, Minnesota
Lesley Fischer,
Big Lake, Minnesota
Lesley is a graduate of McConnell Travel School and has been a professional travel agent since 1993. Lesley loves a good challenge when it comes to planning travel and has a vast array of knowledge, experience and resources at her disposal. Her motto is, 'one can always compete with service and value. That is the key to repeat business.' Lesley's husband and sons are avid hunters and when Lesley has free time, she is in her garden or has her nose in a cook book, figuring out new ways to prepare Venison and game.